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Author: Viktor Lazarev

Born as Viktor Ivanovich Lazarev in Kazakhstan USSR,1958. Lived :Almaty(former Alma-Ata),st.Petersburg(former Leningrad),Moscow,Montreal(Canada) and now for many years,-here in Jacksonville(FLA,USA) with my mom,russian-american wife (even for me sound funy) Verusia(Vera), two kids- Kathrene and Paul and the dog named"Bobik".

   Thank you all for stopping by my page....
In America since 1994,born in USSR.
Self...w/civil engineering diploma.
 Love my wife and kids...the "mother NATURE" and all God's creations.I believe ,-the "part of God" in each of us(humans,regardless of races and religions) is ,still, in the"sleeping mode"...well,of course, that includes myself...ha.
I love my "home,sweet home" and the state where I live(JAX,FLA,USA).
Hate any form of racism !
Do not like to talk too much,especially about myself ...The "silence",-is beautiful,SAFE and good (Feodor Dostoevsky said so,sure he was right!),-
This is another reason for being in the "visual arts" field.
 And ...If to say something very short about my arts,---there is a little piece of my SOUL in every painting I've made...
Thank you all .With Love ,Vic
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