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Brickhead EARTH - Ceramic brick with interactive sound and light elements, 100"x60"x60"

Honorarium Sculpture for Burning Man 2015, Black Rock City, NV, 2015


Brickhead Truth - Ceramic brick with sound elements, 90"x60"x50"

Garner Arts Center, Garnerville, NY 2015


Brickhead Six Truths - Ceramic brick with sound elements, 80"x50"x50"

Hamptons Art Expo , Bridgehampton, NY 2015


Brickhead Conversations - Ceramic brick with interactive sound elements, 120"x60"x60" (x2)

Commissioned by Purdue University for Yue-Kong Pao Hall of Visual and Performing Arts, W. Lafayette, IN, 2013


Two monumental Brickhead sculptures face one another across the plaza. Sounds of the natural world emanate from the artworks, filling the air with morning bird calls, buzzing insects, and frantic night peepers. This 'biophone' of sound, recorded over several days in May 2008, is reconstructed within the architecture of the sculptures, creating a 24-hour chronology of life on earth.

One additional sound element has been added to the installation; the haunting call of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker. Thought to be extinct since the 1940's, the magnificent Ivory-billed was once called the King of the Woodpeckers. Human encroachment and deforestation altered its landscape forever. As passersby interrupt motion sensors, the woodpeckers' calls trumpet back and forth between the heads; their conversation is renewed.

Groundwater Colossus - Ceramic brick with internal sound elements. 144"x120"x120"

Commissioned by the City of Lincoln, Nebraska for new Union Plaza, Antelope Valley Greenway, 2012


The Groundwater Colossus will sit directly atop the largest, and perhaps the most important freshwater reserve in the world-- the Ogallala Aquifer. Stretching from Minnesota to Texas, the Ogallala is the primary source of freshwater for much of the mid-western Unites States and a crucial resource in the irrigation what would otherwise be a semi-arid plain in the heart of America's breadbasket.


An underground titan revealed; the sculpture becomes the face of the Ogallala. An enormous human visage emerging from the earth, the Groundwater Colossus will be a dynamic reminder of what lays hidden below. Ten feet high, twelve feet across, sculpted from over twenty thousand pounds of architectural red clay, the artwork is one of the largest free standing ceramic sculptures ever made.


Brickhead Yemanja - Ceramic brick, 96"x60"x60" - Pratt Institute [main Campus], Brooklyn, NY - 2012


Mozaic Colossus - Ceramic brick, 144"x80" x80"- Commissioned for new Mozaic Plaza, Minneapolis, MN - 2011


Brickface HOPE - Ceramic brick, 64"x60"x48" – Commissioned for the New Mexico State Lands Commission Building, Santa Fe, NM - 2011


Linden Brickhead - Ceramic brick, 120"x60"x60" – DeHaan Sculpture Garden, Indianapolis, IN - 2010


Barrington Brickhead - Ceramic brick, 104"x60"x60" - Barrington, IL - 2012


Brickhead TRUTH - Ceramic brick with internal sound elements, 96"x60" x60" - Blue Hills Plaza, Pearl River, NY

[Artwork first shown at SOFA Expo, Chicago IL]- 2006


Striking visual, textual and material expressions promise to combine in Tyler's Brickhead: TRUTH, to be presented at SOFA CHICAGO by R. Duane Reed Gallery, New York. The latest edition to James Tyler's Brickhead Series of ceramic sculpture, over 8000 pounds of clay were used to create the 600 ceramic bricks. The single word TRUTH, etched into the surface intermittently, repeats layer upon layer around the assemblage. Humanity constructed from many truths, or perhaps the truths themselves ordered to fit into our visions of ourselves.




BRICKHEAD:Please Stop - Ceramic brick, 64"x55"x50" - Midtown Tower, Miami FL - 2008


Brickhead EVOLUTION - Ceramic brick with interactive sound and light elements, 60"x50"x50" - Garnerville Arts and Industrial Center, Garnerville, NY - 2005


BRICKHEAD 3 - Ceramic brick with interactive sound elements, 84"x55"x55" - Commissioned for new Davlan Park, Arts and Design District, Indianapolis, IN - 2005


BRICKHEAD 2 - Ceramic brick with interactive sound and light elements. 55"x70"x50" - Rockland Center for the Arts, West Nyack, NY - 2004


BRICKHEAD: Come and Gone – Ceramic brick installation with interactive sound elements.

Garner Art Center, Garnerville, NY - 2003


The sculpture consists of more than 300 individually shaped bricks stacked in concentric circles, layer upon layer. With tactility reminiscent of the Tromp L'Oeil Bricks of Pompeii, the bricks create the haunting presence of a colossus of old. Approaching the installation, you hear the melodic chirping of crickets emanating from within-- a train roars through, thundering into our consciousness-- the here and now! But what comes must go. As the crickets return, a timeless repetition is thrust into the process. The viewer is transfixed, held by a visceral awareness of time unceasing. It is this passage of time, juxtaposed with the earthy sensuality of the sculpture that subjects the participants to the hypnotic paradox of the work; the ponderous weight of the bricks, the ethereal nature of time- -


While Tyler describes the work as: "-an homage to the passing of the industrial age", there can be little doubt that in his wonderful installation, BRICKHEAD: Come and Gone, Tyler has kept one eye keenly focused on our own collective mortality.

[Excerpt of review by Professor George Bobby Jones Ph.D.]



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Executive Director – Garner Arts Center [ www.garnerartscenter.org ], Garnerville, NY 2007 to present

Curator – Hopper House Art Center, Nyack, NY 2002-2005

Co-founder– Loading Dock Alternative Art Space, Boston, MA 1985


Design Award - Boston Society of Architects

Governor's Award for Merit - Commonwealth of Massachusetts  

With Goody Clancy Architects for Ten Figures






Mark Ruschman – Curator, Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, IN, commissioning agent for Brickhead 3 and Groundwater Colossus - 317-626-3458

Susan Musleh – Commissioning agent for Brickhead Conversations, Purdue University – 317-849-6688

Kim Kelly - Nuart Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, commissioning agent for Brickface HOPE - 505-930-3333

Robin Rosenburg - President Garner Arts Center, Garnerville, NY- 845-947-1155