Todd Gilens

Invited by Susan Stone
Author: Todd Gilens

Visual artist Todd Gilens has explored the juxtaposition of images and everyday space for the last thirty years or so. Working with materials such as playing cards, concrete, beans, photography and paint, Todd's work has been seen in theaters, abandoned prisons, in storefronts and on people's refrigerators, in rock crevices and condominium courtyards in the US and abroad. Building Neighborhood, a letterform sculpture for Laurel Park was commissioned by the Richmond Art Center; Red Shift, an installation at the Aula Magna at Stockholm University by the international science conference Resilience 2008, and Endangered Species, a buswrap project, ran for fifteen months around San Francisco in 2011-12. In summer 2015 he will be artist in residence at Digital Arts Studios, Belfast, Northern Ireland. His website is

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