New Century Art Guild

New Century Art Guild, Inc, is a 501(c)(3) non- profit corporation registered in the State of Iowa and the State of Nebraska. Our primary mission is to provide training in art and business education to motivated military veteran artists in order that they may successfully pursue new careers in the fine arts as artists, teachers, or administrators. A powerful side benefit from these activities is a substantial reduction of the depression associated with PTSD and the re-integration of these veterans into a fulfilling and useful role in civilian society. We accomplish our goals in three ways: professionally, recreationally, and therapeutically.

How does NCAG help veterans professionally?

Offer direction in a difficult career field Provide skills necessary to obtain suitable employment Help navigate VA benefits and other income streams Inventory a veteran's interests, abilities and goals Offer material resources, gallery space Bridge the gap between a veteran's formal education and the start of their professional practice Develop artistic ability and business skills Annual Veteran Artist Grants

How does NCAG help veterans recreationally?

Offer weekly art workshop series for veterans Veterans use different artistic media each week. All experience levels are welcome and no previous art experience is required. Topics include: Visual Art, Music and Creative Writing Contact point for VA Creative Arts Festival

How does NCAG help veterans therapeutically?

Help lift "black fog" of PTSD Offer emotional support to veterans and their families Stay connected to brothers and sisters in arms Children's books written for dependents of military families


"We promote professional practices in the field of art by encouraging new careers, new directions and new possibilities for artists and veterans"

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