Teigan Maynard

Author: Teigan Maynard

I am Teigan M. B. Maynard (born January 14, 1984) and I am an artist from New Orleans, Louisiana. I was blessed to be able to find my talent at the very young age of six. While in elementary school, my paintings became admired by different art teachers. I was tested on my artistic skills and placed in an advanced art class. During my youth I won numerous art contests, and had my paintings placed on display at different locations throughout the City of New Orleans. I was chosen to join a unique organization named Ya/Ya (young artist/ young aspiration of New Orleans) where I was able to learn and explore the business side of the art world. At the time, I was the only middle school student picked to join Ya/Ya. This organization is geared for high school art students to advance in their future art careers by advertising and selling their work. This opportunity gave me even more motivation in pursuing my dream of becoming a successful artist. I studied fine arts and computer graphic design in college. As an adult, I started my own creative website business. My reason was simply to share my view on beautiful works of art and creativity to the world. I called my business Creole Lady Creations.