tim jackson

Author: Joan Walsh Anglund
Credits: Joan Walsh Anglund

Tim Jackson is a former assistant professor at the New England Institute of Art in Digital Film and Video. His music career in Boston includes some 20 groups, recordings, national and international tours, and contributions to film soundtracks. He has worked as an actor and member of SAG and AFTRA since the 1980's, most recently as Joe Kopechne in the soon-to-be released film Chappaquiddick. He has produced and directed four documentaries: Chaos and Order: Making American Theater about the American Repertory Theater, Radical Jesters, which profiles the practices of 11 interventionist artists and agit-prop performance groups,  When Things Go Wrong, about the singer/songwriter Robin Lane with whom he has worked for 30 years, and American Gurner, a short first person documentary in which he competed in the British Gurning Competition in Egremont, England.
He writes on film and theater for the On-Line Boston Arts Journal, Arts Fuse and is working on a book for the University of Mississippi Press, Interviews with Wes Anderson.