The Hussin Brothers

USA Creative Vision Award, 2013
Author: Tim Hussin
Credits: Tim Hussin

I am a graduate of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida where I studied journalism and environmental science. While in school I interned at the Monroe Evening News, Deseret News and the Rocky Mountain News. After graduating, I interned with MediaStorm and National Geographic Magazine. I was named College Photographer of the Year by the Missouri School of Journalism in 2009 and placed first in the 2009 Hearst Photojournalism Shootout in San Francisco, California. After gaining professional mentorship, I embarked on a two-year documentary photography and video project with my brother that changed the direction of my life and work. I am now seeking out stories that offer an alternative to production-consumption lifestyle prevalent in North America, showing people how to rethink transportation, energy use, urban/suburban planning, building construction, farming and food production, public space and civic art. I aim to help rebuild local culture and document the individual, community and environmental benefits of reconnecting with each other and the land. By combining both digital photography, film photography and videography I intend to contribute to the progression of new media while still maintaining the craft and aesthetic of film photography. Through this I can help bridge the gap between old and new while providing several media outlets for the stories I document. My work also questions the separation between the subjective and objective, allowing me to live the stories I document and develop a more intimate connection between the subject, audience, and storyteller.