The Thread Mag

Credits: Photographer: Idan Barazani, Model: Alexandria Lugo, Edit: Alayna Rickard

Malcolm is a rising junior at NYU Tisch School for the Arts. His passion for artistic collaboration started in theatre (working professionally from a young age) but quickly expanded upon his arrival from the suburbs of Chicago to New York City.  He became fascinated by the drastically different types of people that coexist in the city and wanted to find an artistic way to encourage conversation with people who might not otherwise have the opportunity. From this, "The Thread Mag," a collaborative, multi-media arts magazine was born. 

Last May, "The Thread Mag" released its first issue, "Overflow," and was met with enthusiastic support and encouragement by it's audience, recieving over 200 requests for involvement within 48 hours of release. 

Throughout the Summer of 2017, Malcolm has engaged with art and collaboration globally, studying and practicing various art forms throughout India, Japan, Thailand, and Greece. He hopes to continue to expand "The Thread Mag," encouraging global conversation and cultural collaboration, as well as continuing the collaboration of various artistic mediums.