Terri Lloyd

Author: Terri Lloyd
Credits: Terri Lloyd

Terri Lloyd is a visual art renegade living and working in Los Angeles.

She began her exploration into the absurdities of the human condition at a fairly young age and attributes this to her 1960s latch-key-kid youth.

In the late 1980s she accidentally landed a computer graphics job and spent the next 25 years in commercial art working as a print media designer.
Throughout her life, volunteerism and community arts projects have remained a prominent part of her activities.

In 2010 she founded The Haggus Society, a non-profit feminist arts group for women over the age of 40.

She divides her time between a vibrant visual arts practice and a Dadaist performance act known as Pink Buddha.

Terri has authored two books, When I Grow Up And Other Mantras, and The Little Red Book Of Commie Porn (out of print) with artist Norman Conquest.

Terri is also a frequent contributor to Black Scat Books and has a monthly advice column, "Ask PB" in the online magazine Le Scat Noir.