Alex Cook

Author: Alex Cook

Since 1997 Alex Cook has been creating spiritual public art around the US and abroad. In that time he has painted over 110 murals in 14 states and 4 countries (USA, Kenya, Nigeria, Guatemala). Alex's work focus on spiritual themes expressed through nature imagery and storytelling.

In 2004 Cook founded Art Builds Community, a mural painting program for teenagers in his hometown of Boston, MA. ABC hired teens during summers, teaching them the skills of mural painting and creating many murals in the neighborhoods of Boston and surrounding areas.

Over many years Cook has taught art and creativity to children and adults in many different situations ranging from alternative high schools and court-ordered community reintegration programs, to after school programs and summer camps.

His work in education and the powerful experiences of creating art in public have caused Cook's artwork to become deeply social. Many of his mural projects include community participation during which community members are invited to make their contribution to a larger artwork within a structure. For Cook, painting is only half of the art – the other half is creating environments in which community members feel the love of connection and creation.

Between 2009 and 2013 Cook, a guitar player and singer, recorded and released 5 albums of original music. During that time he performed over 230 concerts in the US and abroad.

In 2014 Cook began working on the YOU ARE LOVED mural project, making murals whose image is simply the words "YOU ARE LOVED". It began as a mural message to students in an elementary school in New Orleans, LA, and has grown into a project working with communities all over the US. In 2015 YOU ARE LOVED murals will be painted in Detroit public schools, a prison in MA, and others.

Cook's passion is public images that communicate wonder and love. In that spirit, Cook is currently laboring to deepen his commitment to the power of images and make a new body of murals, more personal and powerful than any he has previously made.

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