Ed Lemar

Credits: Star B Imaging

Folksinger Stanton West sees the world from the perspective of a six and a half foot tall, left-handed, freckle-faced, red-head. Realizing he would never quite fit the mold, he embraced his uniqueness, picked up a right-handed guitar and started playing it upside-down. This was his first break from creative structures and limitations.

Stanton West songs are rootsy, feel-good, and groove driven. His songs are about hope, having fun, being who you are, and relishing the moment. He is an award-winning songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and world traveling troubadour spreading a message about the importance of family, community, nature, and positivity.

This is a long tale about a tall drink of water some folks call by the name of Stanton West. This story is loosely based on a life of a wandering minstrel and shared with you in his musings. A story of an injured bird who takes flight, migrates, and wanders. At long last inspiration strikes and the troubadour realizes that everything he had been searching for, in far off distant lands, was inside him the whole time. Wherever he roamed, he was the only constant. Portraying the part of both the antagonist and protagonist. 


Hand Crafted by Stanton West

Debut Conceptual Album: SONGBIRD 

Recorded May 15-19, 2017

Produced by Joe Craven at Foxtail Sound.


1. Come & Get It (All is well, foreshadow)

2. South for the Winter (Main character introduction)

3. Black-eyed Susan (Take flight, a call to adventure)

4. Caravan (Seek Truth in a world of friends and foes)

5. Ray of Sunshine (Fall in Love, Meet Mentor)

6. Wedding Day (Crossing the Threshold)

7. Dig A Hole (put down roots)

8. Spiders in the Window (Blown off course)

9. The River Knows the Route (The path home is shown)

10. Grateful 432 (transformation and the power of gratitude)

11. Wallowa Mountains (happily ever after)