Sparkle Joy Arroyo

Author: Sparkle Arroyo

My name is Sparkle Joy Arroyo and I am a recent BFA graduate from Central Washington University. I reside in Grandview Washington.

 My art is about combining materials and genre to create 3 dimensional art works which can include both created and existing components. These components are used in various steps that can led to combining drawing, painting, and sculpture together to create a single piece.

What is most enjoyable about art is that it requires problem solving. Whether working on a two dimensional surface or a three dimensional plain an artist experiences the same successes and failures learns from them and moves on. A design for a three dimensional work has not had all the potential kinks worked out and I think that is why I enjoy working in three dimensional art the most.

Three dimensional arts allow me to incorporate some or all of the various different disciplines of art that I have studied in school. Painting allows me to look at things up close, drawing helps with design, and sculpture is problem solving on a major level. As an artist it is the deep engagement that is made between artist and viewer when the art is completed that is most fulfilling.

It is with a belief that art touches the world and that the contact it makes can, will, and should withstand the tests of time even if the work itself ceases to exist that an artist creates and with hopeful heart introduces his creation to the world. We are driven to create. 


Sparkle Joy Arroyo

Grandview, WA.




BFA 2012 Art Central Washington University

BS 2012 Interdisciplinary Studies Associate of Arts DTA Central Washington University


AA 2005 Yakima Valley Community College


Mixed Media, Sculpture, Ceramics, Drawing, Painting


Exhibition Record

2005 Larson Gallery Student Salon exhibition

Painting, Birch Lane. Purchased by YVCC Grandview Campus Student Council 300.00


2011 Randall Hall Alcove, Ellensburg Wa. Temporary Art Installation, Alcove Santuary. 


2012 CWU Student Salon Show Alley Cat Gallery, Ellensburg WA. Sculpture: Ever-changing and Hopelessness Award


Technical Abilities (Technical Expertise, Technical Skills) Kick and electric throwing wheels, creating molds, crochet, knitting, hand embroidery, working with wood shop tools including band saws, lathes, circular saws, hand tools, drawing, painting, soldiering, welding, basic jewelry making. Basic computer skills include data entry, documentation, and telephone communications.

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