Simply Mary


A Survivor herself inspiring the birth of the album "Freedom Bound" in Production Now!

Simply Mary has had a passion for music ever since she could reach her hands to the keys of her mother's piano. By the age of seven, she was taking piano lessons that eventually lead to singing with the Church Choir throughout grade school. Once in junior high, she learned to play the trumpet and joined concert and marching band. She spent most of her time involved in music through her entire life in one way or another. Show Choir in high school to Music Ministry in her adult life.

The passion for writing was always there, but she just didn't show it until 2011 when she wrote her first piano piece "Dangerous" After gaining some online attention over the song, she decided to continue writing. Eventually, a move without her piano at hand lead to her finally pulling her mom's old guitar out of it's case and teaching herself. The passion for writing became greater and greater with each new chord learned and each new song being born.

Currently, Simply Mary has written and composed 95 songs since 2011 and has many more to come with each new experience encountered. Many influences from across the entire country has shaped Simply Mary into her own unique and unmatched style. There is not one artist out there like her, it's just that Simple!

Currently, Simply Mary is preparing to release her first ever album, Freedom Bound. This is an 13 track album that was inspired by surviving a most difficult encounter with Domestic Violence and her journey to empower other survivors to live their new life to the fullest. Each song is written in a powerful positive way to deal with the emotional damage done by her offender. Simply Mary is known to use her music as a positive channel to release all those negative emotions in a new light.

During her travels to find a new place to start over she was blessed with the band of a lifetime!

Ryan McWilliams - Lead Guitar 
Tyler Brewer - Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals 
David Barnard - Drums/Backing Vocals 
Maju - Percussion

The album release is TBA in the near future. For now the Freedom Bound Tour is launched to celebrate the Freedom Bound Album's Pre-Release by Empowering Survivors while introducing the album live! 
Simply Mary is proud to be affiliated with the following credits:

Elyssa Haeussler Photography

Jacob Pittman of Pittman Production

Model and Promotional Management 
Keith Adkins of KAMA Model and Talent - Bradford, PA

Producer Mary Godfrey and Co-Producer Robert of Baylight Institute for Creative Arts

Tate Music Group, Mustang OK


American Federation of Musicians

MTV Artists

Jango Radio

And Airplay Direct