Scott Kay (Kraske)

Author: self
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I grew up in the home of an artist in my father who was a fairly well known cartoonist. He did sculpture and movie making which was second to his cartoon work which got him published around the world. It was not a happy life growing up under him and so the one gift I may have got from him was my creativity and I wrapped myself around it since I was a kid. My mom considered herself creative too, and she was the stone that really formed who were are today.

In 2004 I got formal training in art with the Art Institute of Las Vegas, in Henderson, Nevada, with 2 degrees. I took everything I could from that education and made myself better even though I started that later in life. Then in 2008 I joined the Burning Man community that provided a vast canvas to take my skills further. I did art that was placed on the playa in static form and eventually created spaces for interactivity at the event in the form of Theme Camps. But as time progressed and the years inched by I became more and more involved in leadership and trying to see others get their goals fulfilled.

To date Monkey Car is the largest project I have taken on. In the past large projects brought in amazing people who helped to make the vision come to life. This one is no different. People want to be part of something bigger than themselves and I have been blessed.

In joining the Burning Man man culture my personal goals have been to build better relationships with women, help build and sustain community and leadership, and be a better human over all. My art over the years has found some of that with traces of eastern theology laced in them as well as other somewhat spiritual forms. It has been important to me because I look at eastern ideas and feel a connection with them even if they are not my own. My origin story is very dysfunctional caucasian Americana.

In 2017 I was given candy and it was heavily laced with something (I believe it was LSD) and ended up in medical the whole night. I was completely lost for 12 hours. When I was in care a Buddhist monk was sitting with me and I saw him turn into Hanuman and the Monkey King as I laid there and I had a huge... huge sense of safety and protection in it. So this art project this year is to honor that crazy journey and what ended that night.

So who I am in a nutshell. I am a very creative and talented person when I am in my lane. I am blessed that I know people more amazing and talented than me. And when we combine our powers we make some serious magic.


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