samuel rodriguez


I am a Latino artist living and working in San Jose, Ca. I began my journey in my teens as a graffiti artist which eventually brought me to the California College of the Arts where I studied as an illustrator. 

I'm interested in questions and ideas of classification and identity. I am intrigued by visual and social catalogues and their relativity to one's own experience and learned perspective. I have observed this in so many aspects of day-to-day living, as I'm sure everyone else has in their own way. For example, here in the U.S., I am legally considered "Hispanic," in Mexico, I am an "American," and to some folks, I've been considered Middle-Eastern, European, and even part Asian! Visually, the perception of one's identity, or how we identify with a given sight, changes from one perspective to another. There are countless ethnicities, cultures, genres, styles, chemicals, and elements that have meshed together throughout world history, so fusion literally drives the universe. This has inspired me to paint study portraits of dissected faces using visual ingredients and cues, similar to a land map and all its imposed borders.