Samuelle Green

Author: Samuelle green

I have been living and working in Brooklyn New York for 17 years as a visual artist. I studied at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia followed by Parsons School of Design NYC, where I concentrated on painting and sculpture. After working freelance as an artists assistant and at many museums such as PS1/Moma, the Cooper-Hewitt, and the Guggenheim I began traveling across the country to paint signs and murals for restaurants and retail shops, created window displays, and dabbled in event design, as well as continuing to develop my own work. I soon realized I could continue this work and base my studio in the town I grew up in. Approximately five years ago I transitioned back to a space in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

I am now situated in a mid-1800's building that, with help, I renovated and reimagined into my studio, public art space, and event venue. Having this larger studio is allowing me to pursue more projects, and larger scale projects. The space, known as basin and main, also serves as a hub for creatives to share ideas, participate in events, and further the artistic community in the area. I consider the events and window displays I create there another way to design and make artwork and immerse visitors in a unique experience. The events are curated to the fullest extent with attention to every detail. It is within this space that I continue to create both paintings and sculptures which I hope to share with the community at large. 

My work has always been multidisciplinary, from oil on canvas, gouache on paper, diaramas, to ceramics and woodworking. The subject often involving natures interaction with the man made. I also have a long standing love for paper and many of my current projects revolve around paper and it's ability to be used in so many ways.The donations through hatchfund would greatly help in the pursuit of my upcoming project "the paper caves."

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