Sunny Bhatia

Invited by April Dobbins

Sunny Bhatia
Co-Writer/Co- Producer/Director

Sunny Bhatia is a third-year film student at The University of Miami. He was
born in New Delhi, India, and was raised in Washington D.C. He studied Journalism,
Pre-medicine, and Religion at Rutgers University. After his undergraduate studies,
he went on to study and intern in Nuclear Medicine Technology at Georgetown
University. His passion however always lied in cinema, and in August 2015, started
film school at the University of Miami to focus on Film Directing.

In May 2016, he was awarded "Best First Year Graduate Film" for his first-
year film, REJECTION. And in May 2017, his second-year film, ESCAPE FROM
INFIERNO, was released to an amazing response. Post-graduation, he hopes to
move to Los Angeles, California and proceed with his aspirations of making movies.