Dancing Earth & Audiopharmacy Prescriptions

Author: Audiopharmacy Prescriptions Collective

Both Dancing Earth and Audiopharmacy Prescriptions have bases in the Bay and are recognized nationally and internationally for their performances and event production. 

Audiopharmacy Prescriptions Collective

Officially founded in 2001, Audiopharmacy Prescriptions is an international art collective and live world hip-hop ensemble that has been making community-minded art and music together since 1994. The world hip-hop ensemble has had the opportunity to tour as U.S. Music & Cultural Ambassadors and have been awarded and honored with a Mayoral Proclamation by the City and County of San Francisco for their work in fostering cross-cultural relations in the South Pacific. In addition, Audiopharmacy Collective develops and implements artistic projects and events, which build an appreciation for diversity and promote a sustainable lifestyle. The vision of the Audiopharmacy Collective is to unify communities across the world through positive cross-cultural exchanges, using art, media and other creative mediums. ­­In Summer 2014, Dancing Earth and Audiopharmacy successfully partnered for a sold out performance, held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, entitled, "Origi-Nation: Roots and Seeds."


Dancing Earth Indigenous Contemporary Dance Creations

DANCING EARTH spins, stomps, and spirals into life on the world's dancing grounds as a collective of intertribal Indigenous dance artists, under the leadership of internationally respected choreographer Rulan Tangen. Our collaborative is based primarily in Santa Fe and San Francisco, and shares our work throughout the USA, Canada, and most recently in Aotearoa (New Zealand).

We gather as artists to create experimental yet elemental dances that reflect our rich cultural heritage and to explore identity as contemporary Native peoples. We strive to embody the unique essences of Indigenous multi-tribal perspectives by creation and renewal of artistic and cultural movement rituals. Ancient and futuristic, our dances are an elemental language of bone and blood memory in motion.



Our innovative eco-productions embody themes of human relationship with cardinal elements, and express an instinctive language of movement that speaks to all beings.

We connect deeply with communities through extensive cultural engagement, community workshops, theatre performances, and site-specific offerings. Our transformative movement practice has touched Native youth and people of every age group, and cultural background, through health and wellness initiatives, University residencies, and artistic commissions. 

Founded in 2004 with roots in San Francisco and Santa Fe, Dancing Earth is an award-winning, intertribal dance ensemble led by choreographer Rulan Tangen. The company, which has performed nationally and internationally, is committed to creating performances that raise awareness about contemporary social and environmental issues, such as protecting land and water. Dancing Earth is also known for conducting community workshops and trainings for Native and non-native participants of all ages-many whom have not had previous experiences with dance.

Dancing Earth has cultivated a generation of Indigenous contemporary dancers in the USA.

Our multi-media collaborations have energized a renaissance of contemporary Native performing arts in the USA.  



Acknowledging the first peoples of every site we move in, our work integrates inter-disciplinary expressive arts with ecology, and serves in the original purpose of dance as functional ritual.

Rooted in the spirit and energy of the first peoples and the land, the mythic power of DANCING EARTH's creations respect, embrace, and expand the context of Indigenous culture into vital contemporary relevance.


DANCING EARTH's Honors include:

-The National Dance Project production and touring awards,

-National Museum of American Indian's Expressive Arts Award,

-Costo Medal of UC Riverside's Chair of Native Affairs for Education, Research and Community Service,

-and Dance Magazine's notice as one of the "Top 25 To Watch".


Audiences and reviewers described the ensemble as:

"Magnifica" - Susana Baca, Peru's Minister of Culture

"Innovative" - Jennifer Foerster, Stanford Stegner Fellow

"accomplished Miracles of speed, agility, grace and sensuality"- Anthony Hassett for THE magazine

"draws from the well of native origin stories, so that the stalls and kiosks of paintings, ceramics, katsinas, and crafts at Indian Market come to life in a fourth dimension." - Janet Eigner for KUNM Radio

"an exciting dance statement" - Jennifer Noyer, for Albq Journal

"when the dancers are together, they never lose their spontaneity; when they are apart, you still feel their secret communion"  - Anthony Hassett for THE magazine

"This full-length work couldn 't be more contemporary in its dedication to sustainable process and present-day environmental struggles. Contemporary politics emerge when dancing corn stalks are fenced in and captured by men representing corporate pirates of the corn seed. Materialism' s seduction weighs down the dress of Tangen as a grieving Earth Mother with trash and plastic garbage bags dangling from her hem."- Janet Eigner for Santa Fe One Heart "

"With the dancers as constellations, pulsating out of and contracting back into formations, drawing on Indigenous understandings of the origins of life. ..The layered narratives of destruction here and throughout the work suggest a palimpsest of gender imbalance and global capitalism." - Professor J Shea Murphy for Hemispheric Institute E-Misferica

"Pinche Fantastic!" - Guillermo Gomez Pena, Director Pache Nostra

"something acutely mythological: it's the insolence of America melting into the timelessness of an adjacent memory" - Anthony Hassett for THE magazine

"a thoroughly contemporary work with performers - men and women alike - whose athleticism and multifarious talents and training acknowledge the air as much as the ground under their feet." - Rita Felciano

"Something so special, its indescribable!" - Blackfoot hereditary Chief James St Goddard

We are a Member of the Intersection Incubator, a program of Intersection for the Arts providing fiscal sponsorship, incubation, and consulting services to artists.