Rachel Setzer

Rachel Setzer is a Seattle-based artist and co-founder of the Seattle Arts Coalition. She graduated from Cornish College of the Arts in 2007 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. After spending a number of years in the business world, she dove back into art after the unrelated deaths of her father and daughter in 2013.

Rachel works in a number of different mediums, with her primary visual focus being human anatomy. Her work draws on her experiences of physical pain caused by fibromyalgia and emotional pain caused by anxiety and the loss of loved ones; and is fueled by the idea that those who can be open about their suffering should be so that those who can't be as open don't have to feel so alone.

In her work with the Seattle Arts Coalition, Rachel seeks to build global creativity through the cooperation of artists and their communities. "Artists with strong community support create better work in greater quantities," she says. The SAC believes that art is vital to a healthy where thought, ideas, education, science, and spirituality all thrive.

Rachel currently lives in Seattle with her husfriend, Peter, and their pug; practices Judaism, polyamory, and immaculate selfcare.