Ricky Reidling

 I was born in the small town of Winder, Georgia and raised by my Father along with three other siblings where putting food on the table was a daily struggle. As a kid in elementary school my teachers use to write on the back of my report card that I needed to quit daydreaming, because I was always in a daze in the classroom living in another world other than my own. At one point my father and I was homeless and lived in his car because he could not afford to pay the rent, but I never let that get me down. I knew that nothing would ever be handed to me and I would fight for the career and life that I wanted.  A

After many years I was finally able to make it to the heart of it all in Los Angeles where I would take acting classes while working on many film sets doing background work and movies so I could watch and observe everything that goes on behind the scenes. I worked on several other T.V pilots that never made it to the screen and thats when I decided I would create my own projects and wrote a pilot for gay television series called "BoysTown". We filmed it on a shoestring budget and  I shopped it around to the gay networks but no one had funds to invest. The pilot shocked us by going on to great success on dvd and making a film festival. Many years later after making a feature film "Heels", I decided to write and film another episode of BoysTown and my work caught the attention of the cable network OUTtv in Canada where we were picked up for an entire season and continued that success on for a Season 2.  I love film and every aspect that goes with it and hope to continue to bring more stories to life on your T.V and theater screens.