Author: Mahoganee Amiger
Credits: Mahoganee Amiger

With over 20 years of experience in her field, she evolves as a consummate personality. Mahoganee is sought to perform at numerous and reputable corporate, private, civic and community events with audiences of dignitaries and 21st century iCons. She has amassed a growing fan base and continually earns respect from her "age-peers" and her "age-seasoned " audiences. Both groups of supporters appreciate the sultry, earthy, authentic, vocal range spanning more than four octaves, and her commanding acapella stage presence. She has performed for audiences of 20,000 + with music heard in over 24 countries. Mahoganee has shared the stage with artist such as Tony Terry, SOS Band, & Daniel Winans. Her music can be heard on numerous local FM/AM radio and internet radio stations.