Regina Ainsworth


Regina Ainsworth started in theatre as an actor, dancer, and writer earning her B.A. in Theatre Arts from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and continued her education with a two-year immersive conservatory program, the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts.  She spent a year observing West End theatre in London, and upon returning stateside she began directing for the stage.  After becoming fluent in theatre direction, she dove into creating in the digital world.  With an eye toward directing episodic television, she landed a job at Warner Bros. Television in the Labor Relations department and began to rise through the ranks.  During her tenure she worked with over 120 productions, including The Leftovers, Major Crimes, Pretty Little Liars, and Westworld.  It was after auditing the Television Director's Workshop that she made the transition into directing full time.  Through her own production company Defining Moment Entertainment, Regina has made two independent spec pilots The Project and Law & Order: The Musical, a short Better Together, and is currently developing her next dramatic shorts, Recombined (based on the YA Sci-Fi Tankborn Trilogy), Expectations, and A Million Pieces of Hope.  Regina was chosen for the DGA's Director Development Initiative and serves as both the Co-Chair of the DGA's Latino Committee as well as the Women's Steering Committee Proposals Coordinator.

Regina is a proud member of the Alliance of Women Directiors, Women in Film, Women in Media, Cinnefemme, and NALIP.