Sofia Due Rosenzweig

Author: Sofia Due Rosenzweig
Credits: Sofia Due Rosenzweig

I am a Danish-American filmmaker based in New York since 2005 after growing up in France and Denmark. I love making beautiful movies that hold up a mirror to life and resonate long after the credits have rolled, all while telling authentic stories about characters that aren't often portrayed in the media.

My first short film, The Months American, about a young French woman navigating her new job as a live-in nanny in a big unfamiliar city, played at Columbus Film+Video Fest, Black Mariah Film Fest, Cinema At The Edge and Portland Oregon Women's Film Fest.

My music video work has been featured on XLR8R and Rookie Mag.

Since graduating from NYU Film in 2013 I have worked as an assistant for writer/director Steve Zaillian on HBO's The Night Of and for director/DP Ellen Kuras (ASC) on many projects including Netflix's Ozark. I am excited to apply what I've learned from them to this next project.