My projects are excavations for levity, buried inside the serious, designed to stretch commonly accepted definitions. Using technology and video projections, I sometimes challenge convictions that the ground beneath our feet is stable, creating artworks that resist laws of science and toy with people's assumptions about reality. In 2004, environmental concerns led me to create CloudHouse. Exhibited briefly at Saatchi & Saatchi, NYC and Long Island N.Y. the glass house structure contains a cloud continually changing shapes as the external barometric weather conditions change. Video projections include Vortex Filter--A projection of water spinning as if a monumental underwater fan with a mesh membrane is cleaning and recycling debris below the water's surface. Buried Treasures / Secrets in the Sciences comprise virtual text projections spilling from a glass tube in a science lab tableau, telling stories about women in the sciences who were unrecognized for their contributions during the time of their discoveries. It appeared at the Mishkin Gallery and The National Academy Museum in New York 2009-10. The Guild Hall Art Museum in E. Hampton exhibited Kiosk.Edu in 2005-illuminating quotes (appearing to float inside of an 8Ft.x 12Ft. glass house structure), reflecting thoughts from a variety of artists, architects and performers. I collaborate, with global art/media scientist teams, creating interactive installations, such as: The Third Woman team's interactive Film-Game with QR code costumes-the audience is invited to use their judgement (based on characters in the film) to select a text option uploaded to their smartphone interface which triggers a chosen film clip to display on their phone. Audience choices aggregate, in real time, the preferred clips by majority votes and plays consecutively on a large shared screen at the end of the performance. Another project Crossings uses infrared tracking and Kaipainen's multi-perspective database tool for participants to search the relative importance texts give to topics they select to explore.My public art team created an Interactive Poetry Walk where granite spheres speak poetry as people walk by or rest in the seating area.

Works Exhibited at International Gallery & Museums including: Museum of Modern Art, Kiev, National Academy Museum NYC, State Mus. of Contemp. Art, Gr. Larry Aldrich Museum, Ridgefield, Conn, Tile project Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad, India, Galapagos Theater Space NY, Projects / Mus. of Modern Art NY, Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC, Kunsthaus, Hamburg, Germany.


Awards & Recognitions