Author: Nicola Frost
Credits: Nicola Frost

I am primarily an oil painter, but also a metal worker and furniture designer. I am in the process of bringing nearly three decades of work into completion, after which I will produce a show.  I have sixteen finished canvases, many that took several years in the painting, and an unfinished iron bedroom set; which is what bring me here. I have one final piece I need to pull off; a four-poster bed, the design of which is based on Celtic knot-work, and will be fabricated in steel and copper square tubing.

I am involved in every aspect of my work. I construct my own canvas stretchers and prepare them with size and gesso recipes I have slightly adaptated from the 15th century modern method of the water-gilder. Sometimes I use gold in my work.

I came under the mentorship of Fredrick Franck (The Zen of Seeing) for many years.

I make one of a kind pieces of furniture, fabricated from industrial metals, etched and oil-gilded with precious and semi-precious metals.

I have lived an isolated life, working a variety of humble jobs to fund myself. Other than the $200 I received from Orange County, NY, mental health a few years ago, (for my painting, "The Things Done In the Name of Love", in an exhibition they sponsored for Rape Crisis) I have never received any funding.

The PVC model of the bed was two years in the making, and probably cost me around $1000 to complete. I have an incredible blacksmith/metal worker, who is very impatient to get on with it, a master builder who loves it and is all ready to do the electrics and plumbing. LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Please be generous; I have a variety of gifts for you, all origin work, made especially by me for this campaign. I also choose to put two of my paintings up for offer at this time.

I also have a published novel, Elephant Vindaloo, and some of my writings/poems on sexual violence and child abuse have been published in Mexico.