Nico Camargo

The breadth of my work has a lofty, but crucial message - a social purpose - that calls collectively for progress, ingenuity, efficiency, cooperation, civic responsibility, regard and understanding of history, and a deeper appreciation for nature and the environment. I base my work on concepts about technology, science, engineering, and urban planning from the past, present, and future. My hope is to motivate viewers to think about how to move forward as one species, and remind them that through curiosity, ambition, a sense of oneness, and a healthy dose of competition, history has and will be made.

My latest work, Next Human Project (, is an ongoing multimedia, interdisciplinary collaborative movement that challenges machismo and patriarchy, and favors femininity, beauty, and sensibility. It attempts to do so by illustrating (with support from factual information and important ideas) a futuristic world with boundless possibilities.

Next Human Project is set to create an allegory that illustrates a complex representation of human idealism - one that encourages viewers (both women and men) to distance themselves from aggressiveness, selfishness, shallowness, and brutality of machismo and patriarchy. This work demonstrates that to be a more balanced and advanced individual-to be a better human being-it is necessary to (psychologically and physically) get close to and embrace the many virtues that characterize femininity and motherhood. This preposition is presented by rendering the Next UsĀ - or the future evolutionary metamorphosis of human beings - for it is a simple way to frame "how we should and shouldn't be." At the same time, I insist that this "model for perfection" is sustained by extrapolations from scientific research published by distinguished institutions; thus, Next Human Project offers a far-reaching - yet possible to attain - preposition.

We find ourselves in a moment in time that calls itself to be seized as pivotal and transformative. It's the beginning of a new millennium, and no mater how artificial or arbitrary time may be, it is an excellent excuse to plan ahead and create goals for our species to reach in this century and in the next thousand years.

As an artist, I use my voice to advocate for monumental ideas that spark imagination and a yearning to create a better future. Hopefully, my work does this some day