Molly Shea

Author: Molly Jo Shea
Credits: Evans Vestal Ward

Molly Jo Shea is an interdisciplinary artist focusing mostly on performance, object making and creating interactive experiences. Growing up as a daughter of an opera singer and a special effects artist her work is a combination of decadence and horror dragged through a hall of mirrors. Interested in manipulating systems, Shea creates environments and characters that pervert the familiar and provide new experiences for community engagement. Opperating between science fiction and speculative reality, Shea combines the real and unreal as a way of unraveling our opinions on the known and our agency within these systems. She has combined Pick-up artists and Trappers, a defrosted cryogenic head and hosted seminars on humiliation from a stockade in order to explore how we observe things like gender and power in a shifting world.

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