Marta Jorgensen (Missy M)


Song writer and story teller. Own MJAM Music.

Ms. Jorgensen was born and raised in New Jersey in the fifties. She later spent her adult years in California on the west coast.  A nurse for 28 years, ran a small computer school and graphic arts business, ran for Congress in CA and worked as a freelance writer. Has written and pitched movie projects in Hollywood. Wrote and recorded songs that can be found on radio. Is a member of BMI, works under the names MJAM Music and MJAM Music Publishing. 

 The playwright has studied Film and TV writing at UCLA, and has an upcoming degree at Santa Barbara City College in Theater Arts with a minor in music. Ms. Jorgensen has a keen interest in media, politics, and social commentary.  Her background in politics has given her a unique perspective on the effects of media's influence and tabloid journalism.

This combination of skill and experience led to the creation of Donny and the Sun King.