Michel Varisco

Louisiana Division of the Arts Artist Fellowship
Author: Michel Varisco
Credits: Michel Varisco

I am an artist who works in photography,  assemblage and site-specific installations which explores loss and regeneration. I received an MFA from Tulane University, a B.A. from Loyola and studied in France (LaCoste School of Art) and Italy (U.G.A) and work as an artist/mentor at NOCCA|Riverfront. I exhibit and publish internationally but am working closer to home on this project, which is based on the  Louisiana wetlands and Gulf of Mexico.

The "Shifting" series, soon to be shown at the Ogden Museum in spring of 2012, focuses on the Mississippi River Delta in Louisiana and explores the dynamic changes that are both natural and man-made. Sponsored in part by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, the SURDNA Foundation and the Joan Mitchell Foundation, "Shifting" explores the Louisiana wetlands and examines the accelerated loss of those lands from natural and human causes.

Past work includes: Fragile Land, a study of landscapes derived from New Orleans' City Park since the hurricane and flood of 2005 which explored the theme of fragility, decay, dignity and resiliency. For this project, I received a public arts commission from the Arts Council of New Orleans on behalf of the Joan Mitchell Foundation to create a temporal outdoor installation called Fragile Land Rotunda. The installation was located in City Park at the WPA site, "Popp's Fountain". Completed in time for the International Biennial Prospect 1, this piece brought attention to a long forgotten site, which has since been totally restored.