Michelle Ghiselin

Author: Michelle Ghiselin
Credits: Michelle Ghiselin

About The Artist

Michelle Ghiselin presents Eye Candy Art Creations, a combination of contemporary style art and a unique vision. Each piece is created as an original using only the finest materials including an unbeatable resin finish. Each piece is Michelle rendering reflecting things that have influenced her thoughts of her own personal world. While looking closely at Michelle's work you are certain to find one that you can relate to in your own personal way.

Michelle has been creative all of her life. When she wasn't earning good grades in english for her descriptive story telling, or winning first place for a baby blanket that Michelle hand embroider and sewed, she was having fun in her performing art classes. After being in the medical field for almost 15 years, and having a baby in 2006. Originally from California, Michelle relocated 6 years ago to Austin, Texas. Michelle found herself wanting to keep her family ties very much part of her sons growing years. Painting became a way of expressing these personal fond memories. Memories that her child could actually see and feel. Such as her grandfathers Japanese Koi fish pond, beautiful flowers,red cherry blossom trees, guitars and music which are also inspired from stories of Wood Stock.

 She uses every kind of colors and textures that she can get her hands on. She loves to paint on wood, carve or wood burn with texture and multi layers of glitter. In most cases she then pours a heavy epoxy resin over her painting, leaving a beautiful, clear, perfect high gloss finish.

Michelle hopes to be creating and enjoying her art as much as she does today and to be financially stable and comfortable to continue this journey.

Universal Law is True Light and Unconditional Kindness.