Michael Rioux

Author: Mikey Rioux
Credits: The Sho: filthy / mockingbird

Mikey Rioux is a performance and visual artist. The long list of companies Mikey has performed with includes River North Chicago, Luna Negra Dance Theater, Mordine & Co., Lucky Plush Productions, Same Planet Different World, Scott/Powell Performance, Lingo Dance, Nandanse, and Salt Horse. In 2001 Mikey formed Impetus Dance Theater and served as Artistic Director until 2005 when he picked up and moved to Seattle. While in Seattle Mikey received his BFA in printmaking and video from Cornish College of the Arts, and formed The Sho. The Sho is a vehicle for Mikey's performance and dance film work. The Sho has been presented by PICA's TBA Festival, Ten Tiny Dances Seattle, and the Northwest Film Forum. Mikey's choreography has been performed by Mordine & Co., Instruments of Movement, Lehua Dance Theater, Cornish Dance Theater, Chicago Dance Crash, and Giordano's Jazz Dance. Mikey has been a faculty member at Lou Conte Dance Studio, Velocity Dance Center, and the Spectrum Dance Theater School. Currently Mikey teaches dance at The Studio in Enola, PA and is the director of The Makespace in Harrisburg, PA.