Micaela Gardner

Author: Micaela Gardner
Credits: Rob Thomas

I was born in Tucson, Arizona, the fifth of five children. I come from lively and mixed stock, Spanish on my mother's side, Scottish on my father's and Native American hidden in the middle. My family was rather nomadic during my childhood, having several homes all over the Southwest and California. 

I showed early aptitude for dance and studied in whatever capacity available to me from age six. My focus was Ballet for 10 years- that gave way to Modern and folk forms by my late teens. At sixteen I abandoned High School and my family in Santa Fe, and moved to San Francisco to continue studying dance. I began making and showing my dances and dance films when I was 18. I have since maintained a particular bent for non-proscenium works. I especially enjoy making outdoor site dances and filming them. I have had many opportunities to work with fabulous camera men and women, musicians, dancers and directors. 

I was the co-director of booking and curating at the Temescal Arts Center from 1998 to 2011. I performed in and presented varied arts evenings there for years. The Temescal Arts Center is a Performing Arts Co-op in North Oakland, operated by dancers since its inception in 1997.

Oakland, California was home to me and my now-grown daughters for years. I moved back to Santa Fe, New Mexico in the spring of 2011.

Last fall I was invited to co-choreograph a full length site work called 'All At Once'. It featured the twenty-eight teenaged dancers of The New Mexico School for the Arts and was set at Santa Fe's Cross of the Martyrs Monument. I look forward to returning to NMSA this spring for a site treatment of The Rite of Spring accompanied by Stravinsy's wonderful music!


1989 The Moon Has Fat Thighs, San Francisco- choreography & performance- solo & ensemble 

1990 Watched Pot, San Francisco- direction & choreography- duet & film with Miryntha Tucksbury 

1996 Ramblin Man, Oakland- choreography & performance- solo & film

1998 Red Rivers, San Francisco- directed & choreographed by Leigh Evans- one of ensemble cast 

1999 Partita, Oakland- improvised solo with violin 

1999 Procession, Oakland- choreography & performance- site solo 

2000 5 Pieces of Under, Oakland- direction, choreography & performance- solo, ensemble & film 

2001 Chamber Metal, Oakland & San Francisco- choreographed by Tanya Calamoneri- one of ensemble cast 

2001 Pound Foolish, Oakland & Berkeley- co-choreographed & performed with Tanya Calamoneri- duet & film 

2003 Thread, Oakland- co-choreographed & performed with Leyya Tawil 

2005 Dear Sweet Deer Suite, Oakland- choreography & performance- solo with film by Helen Park 

2007 Untitled, Oakland- choreography & performance- solo with double bass by Damon Smith 

2007 Meadow Pieces, Oakland- choreography & performance- solo 

2008 Job Interview, Oakland- co-choreographed & performed with Leyya Tawil- site duet 

2008 Untitled, Oakland- choreography & performance- solo with music by Thomas Carnacki 

2009 Untitled, Oakland- choreography & performance- trio with Damon Smith on double bass and Daniel Healey "performing" sculpture 

2009 West Oakland Three, Oakland- choreography & performance- solo 

2010 Tender Switches- a dance on the brink of the world, Oakland- directed & choreographed by Dawn McMahan- lead dancer in ensemble site installation 

2011 Dances Landward, Oakland- choreography & performance- solo


Watched Pot, 1990, Super8, 3:31- shot by Gibbs Chapman

Hovering, 1997, 16mm, 2:22- shot by Gibbs Chapman

Under, 2003, Super8, 6:43- shot by James Cotner

Under II, 2005, HD Video, 7:52- shot by Ian Winter

Dear Sweet Deer Suite, 2007, HD Video, 5:44- shot by Helen Park

Meadow Pieces, 2008, HD Video, 9:12- shot by Esteban Allard-Valdivieso

West Oakland Three, 2009, HD Video, 10:12- shot by Darren Hawk

Dances Landward, 2012, HD Video, 8:00- shot by Darren Hawk


BALLET 1975-1986

Mark Lanham, (Royal Canadian Ballet), Santa Fe School of Dance

Laureen Farber, Walnut Creek School of Ballet, California

Alonzo King, (Lines), San Francisco 

MODERN 1985-2005

Margret Jenkins, (Margret Jenkins Dance), ODC, San Francisco

Jess Curtis, Keith Hennesy & Sara Shelton Mann, (ContraBand), San Francisco

Tanya Calamoneri, (SoGoNo), Oakland

Leyya Tawil, (Dance Elixir), Oakland 

AFRO-HAITIAN 1986-1990

Blanche Brown, San Francisco 


Harupin-Ha, San Francisco

Leigh Evans, Oakland

Shinich Lova Koga, (Ink Boat), Oakland

Paige Sorvillo, Oakland

Tanya Calamoneri, (SoGoNo), Oakland


Matt Certification through Body of Work, San Francisco 

Professional References:

Tanya Calamoneri PhD, Director Company SoGoNo, former Co-Director of The Temescal Arts Center:

tcalamoneri@gmail.com 718.207.3307

Adam McKinney, Dance Chair, New Mexico School for the Arts:

amckinney@nmschoolforthearts.org 414.617.8777

Leigh Evans, Former Co-Director and founder of The Temescal Arts Center:

leitzu@earthlink.net 646.872.1468

Leyya Tawil, Director Dance Elixir

leyyamona@gmail.com 510.918.2057