Author: Merian Soto
Credits: Photo: Pepon Osorio

Dancer, choreographer and educator, Merián Soto is the Artistic Director of Merián Soto/Performance Practice and one of the Founding Artistic Directors of Pepatian, the Bronx-based Latino artists organization. She is known for her large-scale collaborations with visual artist Pepón Osorio, her experiments with Salsa - the dance and music of Pan-Latino collective experiences, and her recent Branch Dance Series. She is the recipient of numerous awards including a New York Dance and Performance Award "BESSIE" for sustained achievement in 2000 and a Greater Philadelphia Dance and Physical Theater Award "ROCKY" for her One Year Wissahickon Park Project OYWPP. She is Associate Professor of Dance at Temple University and a PennPAT roster artist. 

Photos: Cylla Von Tiedeman & Pepón Osorio