Matt McKenna


A graduate of The University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a B.F.A. in Acting, Matt has trained in the Meisner technique under Wendy Ward, playwriting under Albert Innaurato, and stage combat under Charles Conwell. He has worked as an actor on stage with International Wow Company, Turtle Shell Productions, and Allens Lane Theatre.

In the past five years, Matt has filmed several commercials airing regionally, nationally, and on the web for brands such as the Big Ten Network, Planet Fitness, ESPN, and Vs. Network. He is signed with Cathy Parker Management, thereby represented by Andreadis Talent Agency in New York City. Currently developing a stage play about the great ragtime era boxer, Stanley Ketchel, he has found a project to bring all his talents together. 

Matt lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn and is an avid boxing and MMA enthusiast, having trained and worked at Zhang Sah Martial Arts in Philadelphia and Premier Martial Arts in New York City.