Matthew Usinowicz

Author: Matthew Usinowicz

I am an artist and arts professional - I spend nearly every waking hour making in one capcity or another. Otherwise I am coordinating daily studio functions at a world-class fine arts college. I grew up working in a butcher shop and have been moonlighting in the industry since - to make some extra money, for fun, or becuase it is the only job I could get. I was a United States Sailor for four years traveling oceans and seas during times of war and peace. I do not moonlight as a sailor. Although I do miss the solitude sometimes.

I make art that contributes to a broad dialogue of contemporary living. I make art to share points of view, to connect people, and to be a catalyst for new thought.

Currently I live and work in beautiful San Francisco, CA. and hope to exptend my art practice to an international community.