Mary Margaret Moore


Mary Margaret Moore is a fifth generation New Mexican, presently based in Seattle, WA. Cross-cultural and cross-discipline exchanges dominate her environment as a contemporary dance artist, as well as a committed effort to bring to find sustainability in her life as an artist. Moore's inquiry into dance and performance is informed by improvisational and somatic practices, and driven by the friction point between theater and dance, human and animal, animate and inanimate, and performance seen and unseen.

Since 2005, Moore has worked as interpreter and creative collaborator in the US and Europe. In 2010, she premiered her adaptation of Deborah Hay's 2009 solo choreography, At Once, at the University of New Mexico. Presently, she is touring String, a work of dance and object theatre for very young audiences, created in 2011 with French writer and director Isabelle Kessler. Moore has worked since 2010 with Seattle-based dance artist, Shannon k Stewart, as an interpreter/collaborator, and has worked with other Pacific Northwest artists such as: Allie Hankins (dance), Vanessa DeWolf, Adam Sekuler (film), Beth Graczyk (dance), and Jeff Huston (film & sound).

In a concerted effort to stimulate dialog between artists and between artists and the larger community, she volunteered with Velocity Dance Center, Studio Current, and other artists in Seattle, to develop and launch new discursive programs and initiatives such as: The Body Book Club, Speakeasy: artist curated roundtable discussions, and STANCE: journal of Choreographic Culture.