Author: Marne Lucas
Credits: Marne Lucas

Marne Lucas (b. 1968) is a multi-disciplinary artist in New York City. Her investigations of nature, cultural expression and the body use photography, video and installation art, working in conceptual overlaps: biomorphic forms, body, identity, beauty, energy, natural resources and mankind's place in relationship to these elements.  Lucas is a pioneer in using vanguard infrared imaging (IR) in video and still images, and in collaborations with Jacob Pander. Their 4-channel video 'Incident Energy' referenced surveillance culture within a creation story about our stellar origins.
Her new project 'Bardo' is a multimedia project exploring creativity as a form of spiritual end-of-life care, illuminating the positive effects of art as mind & body are integrated. Lucas' on-location photographic portraiture uses abstract yet positional narrative in artist portraits, self-portraits and nudes; revealing nuances of identity and changing social attitudes. 'MLSP' (Marne Lucas Self Portrait) is an ongoing photo series of ever-evolving parade of characters, genders, in urban locales and in nature, making commentary about social roles.
ECO- concerned with living things in relation to their environment.
BAROQUE- extravagantly ornate, florid, and convoluted in character or style.
'Eco-Baroque' is an aesthetic approach to style, illuminating the ornate beauty as found in nature, that transcends manufactured decadence through simple, recycled or natural materials. The aim is to inform and amuse while questioning our consumption of energy, resources, and humanity's ever-changing relationship to nature. The invented genre is inspired by an environmental aesthetic and humorously expresses our nature-based mythology; and includes installations, land art and photographic imagery of landscapes and portraits. Reflections, metal leaf, forests, tree burls, moss, minerals, dioramas, chandeliers, fountains, indigenous cultures and Baroque art are prominent elements. The first installment of this style was "Warlord Sun King: The Genesis of Eco-Baroque", an installation exhibited at The Art Gym at Marylhurst University (2009) and included sculpture, photography, drawings, video and sound. Met with critical success and a positive response to the concept of 'Eco-Baroque' has led to further development of the genre in photography, installation and design. Lucas and Conkle participated in the 2nd Land Art Biennial in the Gobi Desert (2012.)
Lucas has exhibited in the U.S. and abroad, participated in an Arts/Industry residency at Kohler Co. in Cast Iron/Pottery divisions, an invitational CentralTrak film residency and Caldera artist residencies, and the Portland2010 Oregon Art Biennial. She and Bruce Conkle made a public art commission for the PSU Smith Memorial Student Union, 'Public Art + Residency Project: Oregon Percent for Art Program'.