Marlene Nichols

Take the avant-garde intelligence of Samuel Beckett, mix in the razor sharp humor of David Sedaris, cinch it all into a Dior gown and you've got Marlene Ondrea Nichols.

As a writer she tackles the universal dramas of childhood, love, betrayal, and death, and makes us laugh till our cheeks hurt. As a live solo performer she brings to the stage a tribe of eccentric characters based on the people she meets in her travels between Los Angeles, New York, and Europe. With a deep love for the unusual she acknowledges she's never met an accent she didn't love.

In her current solo show project, Unzipped w/ Baggage, she tears down the wall that separates reality from imagination and memory and takes us on one woman's search for home and her attempt to corral the inhabitants of her life's baggage before it's too late.

As a story producer, Marlene worked for Al Gore's Climate Reality Project, 2012 producing several short documentaries that look at the impact of global warming on the lives of diverse communities in South Africa, The Netherlands, and the Midwestern United States.

She has taught at the California Institute of the Arts, guest lectured at NYU and offers one-on-one coaching through her Creativity For Genius moniker. Her prose work has appeared in The Writer's Toolbox (Chronicle Book). She currently lives in Los Angeles.