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Marco Reynolds is a college graduate from Oklahoma State University. His major in college was Hotel & Restaurant Administration. He began his hospitality career in 1996 as a bellman/van driver. His career has brought him much success, opportunities, and the ability to travel. His writing/poetry career has only been a hobby since it began in 1994. He hopes with this online presence, it will generate a consistent clientele and ultimately become his primary occupation.

Marco has been writing poetry since high school. His first poem was published in the local newspaper, The Oklahoma Eagle. So you can imagine how this success grew his passion and fueled his hunger.

Marco formed A Poet's Expression while he was in college and was selected to go to New Orleans for a security internship. At the time, he had been writing poetry for about 8 years leisurely. He gave out most of his framed poems as gifts until he realized, 'Hey, I can sell these and fund my trip to New Orleans'. He sold enough to fund his trip and had a great time. While in New Orleans he attended a poetry slam where he performed one of his poems. Marco believes you get creative when it comes to making money while you're in college.

One of his teachers in middle school Mrs. Woodard used ask him all the time, 'Marco, I would love to know what's going on inside your head.' With that statement etched in his brain he tried to put his poetry into the hand of every individual that he came across. The other percentage those who can't read...well that will be our next project.

While traveling with his career and previously during his college years, he met a lot of people. When he was not working during his down time he spent it planting a seed to grow his vision for this company. He tried to make sure all of his associates, friends, and local media received his poems whenever possible. He placed framed poetry in book stores to see how it would be received. He dabbled a little with online sites. He now plans to reach the world with his poetry in the hopes of inspiring someone else to love to write.

It is our goal at the end of all of this to reach the international market. Marco writes as an expression. Marco believes if you keep your feeling bottled up inside, you are depriving so many who could benefit from your expertise and experiences. To find out more about Marco visit or

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