Author: Steven Mankouche
Credits: Joshua Bard, Matthew Schulte

ARCHOLAB is an architecture research collaborative that brings together architects, artists and other collaborators towards a common goal. Archolab was founded by Steven Mankouche, Joshua Bard and Matthew Schulte in 2011.

AFTERHOUSE Collaborators:

Steven Mankouche is an architect and an associate professor at Taubman College. 

Abigail Murray is an ceramist.

Andrew Malone is an artist and engineer.

Kate Daughdrill is an artist and farmer. 

Jamin Townsley is a film maker.

Jono Sturt is a designer and a lecturer at Taubman College

Matthew Schulte is a designer and a builder

Travis Williams is a student of architecture at Taubman College and Detroit native.

Edward Sachs is a student of architecture at Taubman College and Detroit native.