Mandi Riggi & Kevin Fitzmaurice Comer

Author: Mandi Riggi

Writer/Director Mandi Riggi 

Mandi is in development on three feature films: "Before You Say Goodbye," a high school coming-of-age story starring Nicholas Braun (Red State, Prom Hit Somebody), which was invited into the 2010 FIND (Film Independent) Producers Lab, "Five Stories Underground", a haunting thriller inspired by the Oresteia, and "New York Dolls", a hard- hitting ensemble depicting the lives of six outsiders searching for love in all the wrong places. Most recently, Mandi wrapped production on her short film, Spade, starring Michael Petted and Jorge Garcia (Lost, Becker, upcoming J.J. Abrams' Alcatraz). She is currently in pre-production on her short film "Down And Out" adapted from the famous play of the same name written by John Patrick Shanley.

Mandi was born in Tehran to a political economist, activist, philosopher and writer. Mandi spent her childhood years in Europe until the age of fourteen when she moved to New York City. She became an active participant in the graffiti art scene, tagging subway cars in the Bronx train graveyard. Mandi joined a modern dance troupe, performed off-Broadway, and developed strong choreography skills. After receiving a degree in illustration from Pratt, Mandi embarked on a career in graphic design and art direction. She designed successful editorial and ad campaigns in collaboration with renowned photographers such as David LaChapelle. Since her true passion has always been theatre and film, Mandi went on to study at NYU, but quickly realized her ambitions could not wait. After a brief stint she headed to Los Angeles where she wrote and directed Parallel Passage starring Sara Rivas and Luca Calvani. The film was nominated Best Short at the Deauville Festival of American Cinema by a jury presided by Roman Polanski. It was honored with a Silver Remi Award for Best Original Dramatic Short at Worldfest Houston. Parallel Passage went on to travel the international film festival circuit screening at the Hamptons, São Paulo, Cinequest, San Diego, and Huesca Festivals, among others. It premiered on the Independent Film Channel (IFC) where Mandi was a featured director on the IFC Media Lab series. Mandi wrote, directed and staged her original one-act play "Chicken Soup" in Los Angeles starring Jennifer Hogan and Chip Sickler. She directed Douglas Dickerman and Daniele Watts in the one-act play, "Willoughby", written by Megan Lohne for the Little Bird Production of "Mixtape: Taking Flight" at the Elephant Theatre. Mandi directed "Night Train" written by Gena Acosta, starring Ellie Schwartz and Brendan Conner at the Atwater Village Playhouse. She was invited as a member into the highly competitive Playwright Directors Unit at the Actors Studio where she is further honing her skills.

Producer Kevin Fitzmaurice Comer

Kevin was a 2010 FIND Lab fellow with his feature film "Before You Say Goodbye", which was invited into the Film Independent Producers Lab. Most recently he produced the short film Spade starring Jorge Garcia (Lost, Alcatraz) and is currently in post on his first feature film, "GUS" as producer/line producer, starring Michelle Monaghan and Radha Mitchell.

Kevin graduated from the University of Cincinnati with honors in electrical engineering. As a project manager for NASA, Kevin designed, constructed and launched an experimental rocket. Upon moving to New York City, he embarked on his post-graduate studies in film at Brooklyn College. He founded Psychonaut Productions in 2002 in Los Angeles andproduced the award winning short film Parallel Passage. Kevin was invited to participate in the inaugural Marché du Film Producer's Network at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. A veteran of music video and commercial produc- tion, Kevin has worked with some of the biggest commercial production houses such as RSA,, The Directors Bureau, Streetgang, Paranoid US, Cente Service, Day-O, Filmbug, Duroo, B2 Studios, Firefly, Humble, MTV, Washington Square Films, amongst others. He has produced and line produced high caliber commercials, promos, music videos, and virals for clients such as BMW, Lexus, Hyundai, Honda, GM/Daewoo, Soft Bank, Shiseido, L'Oreal, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Disney, Samsung, Zoosk and Google; music videos for U2, Green Day, Red Jump Suit Apparatus, as well as F/X promos for The Riches, The Shield, Nip/Tuck and Sons of Anarchy. Kevin is also the Head of Production at Evolution LA and oversees viral campaigns produced for studio films, including Bruno, I Love You Beth Cooper, Marley & Me, etc. In 2009 he line produced Sparks, a short film directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and written by Elmore Leonard, which premiered in competition at the Sundance Film Festival. Kevin produced Tesla Popped My Cherry, a comedic short film by the McAllen brothers currently in post.