Re:borN Dance Interactive

Re:borN Dance Interactive is a contemporary dance company and artist collective based in Southern California. The company is composed of a group of 21st century artists who strive to go beyond the aesthetics of contemporary modern dance, and delve deeper into the emotional and social content of the work. Originally started with performances at the University of California, Irvine, the company evolved through its enthusiasm and dedication towards contemporary modern dance. The dancers take the initiative to find their unique identities through each piece, and to convey the deep emotional force that begins within the choreographer and passes through themselves to their audience.

The company introduces a unique "Interactive Performance Exhibition" (IPE), a gallery-type presentation of various performance genres where the audience is given the opportunity to enter the performance space and participate to the extent of their preference. As a hybrid performance installation, IPE is an alternative model to presenting choreography and multimedia works. In an IPE, both performers and audience members are encouraged to engage with the work on a deeper level and reflect on what it means to be fully present in an interactive space, where they do not have the option to be detached like we so often are in our daily lives. 

Re:borN's mission is to create art that exists as a social and emotional exchange between all participants, experienced as a journey through physical and emotional time and space.