Madilynn Beck

Author: Madilynn Beck

I'm Madilynn. Also known as: Mommy, Babe, Boss Lady, Writer, Director and Producer. I was born on a small street in the big city of Chicago and fancy myself to be a bit of nomad. Having lived in 14 places in 7 years, I am no stranger to transition and the importance of change.

I'm more contradiction than constant; always seeking a space in life where I can grow. Shortly after university and coming to a hard realization of the art I loved so much also being a business, I felt ill equipped and ran back to another degree. Over the years that followed I stumbled into many positions, in various fields that while rewarding, never filled my cup like making art did.

Though my story is flawed, messy and the recipe for imperfection, being a Creative has afforded me the opportunity to illuminate the cracks in life and enjoy the commonalities they inspire. I write from myself and the characters that live within me, direct as I would like to be led and develop worlds where all are welcome.

Til we meet again.