Richard Encarnacion

Author: My daughter
Credits: Aleen Encarnacion

Born in the Dominican Republic, learn to work hard at an early age enjoyed movies as an obsession; learned to create works of art which transend the imagination. Obscured, reckless, neglected, forgotten. 

I am a Man, who enjoys writing, Directing, producing and designing works of art. Some times beutiful sometimes not, sometimes dark. 

My thoughts awaken, I am the subconscious unconscious, don't forget my words , arts or pictures, I am a man of thought, words, images, sound, waves and movement. 

I drew my first pictures as baby in The Dominican, My grandfather took me walking miles as a child. As i grew older I sold my drawing in the streets. 

I wrote my first book at age six, my father brought me to the states, his Puerto Rican. I grew up worked all my life selling candy, selling shoes, selling, i went to school in Paterson, Nj. I hated it. 

So i can make enough money to go to film school, and travel to California. 

I went to school while in the Marines, Design T-shirts and logo for the base. Learned alot, played alot. Had fun. 

Left the Marines years later, opened a business, hated it. 

Now back in school, doing what i love. Art, design, writing, movies, commercials, graphics, music. 

I need your help make my dreams come true... 

Studing for B.A. in Digital media and Filmmaking and special effects. 

Had a daughter, Aleen grace Encarnacion. She changed my life, I love her; because of her I want to do more and have my own business doing what i love so i can show her anything is possible. Even working at what you love. 

I was also published by Amazon for my book Crowd-funding Explosion, and created a documentary using commentary from Director Spike Lee on Vimeo, and research I conducted over a month.