L Wren Walraven

Author: L Wren Walraven
Credits: L Wren Walraven

I have been painting professionally for over 13 years. Back in 1988 I graduated from the Ohio University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts and an emphasis on Drawing, Painting and Illustration. After college I worked in a Frame Shop and began volunteering at a local Nature Center in Atlanta, Georgia working with program birds and caring for wildlife. I was soon hired to work in the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic and did so for four years. I also volunteered for the Jekyll Island Banding Station where migratory birds are banded. I met my husband at the Nature Center, we married and almost immediately moved to Bisbee, AZ to start our new life together. I then got my first paying art job, illustrating 7 books and a teacher's manual. Quickly, I jumped into volunteer banding opportunities with a Bird Observatory in Bisbee, and with BLM in Hereford, AZ. Eventually, I was hired, earned my Master Banding permit, then ran/worked at 5 various banding stations, in the area. Having the bird in hand was the inspiration for a 10 year long series of bird portraits. Within that 10 year span I painted, banded birds, ran bird surveys for US Fish & Wildlife, created designs for bird festival tee shirts, brochures, posters, pamphlets, banners and more. I still create designs for various wildlife organizations. My husband and I spent a 5 year stint in Asheville, NC where I experimented with my art, creating collage, shadowboxes, papier mache, abstracts and more. We now reside in Tijeras, NM outside of Albuquerque, a most inspiring place. It is beautiful and peaceful here, and I create my artwork in my yurt. A round environment is a peaceful and delightful place to create. Wildlife is still my passion so I continue to bird watch, and observe everything in nature everywhere I go. Nature and all the critters that reside in it are my muses. Their relationship to their surroundings, to each other are also subjects that I love to depict.