Charmus Bell

My name is Charmus Bell Artist name Lil' Cupid I'm 26 years old from Kansas City, Mo. I've been in love with music since i was 8 years old singing in the church choir. When turned 15 I took a creative writitng class at Ruskin High School, writing poetry learning metaphors, similies, syllabules. When i turned 16 I wrote my first rap and ever since then its been my only plan for my life, to become the greatest artist the world has met. Throughout the years I realesed 4 mixtapes and created a buzz around my city but I've never had the marketing money or investor to help me fund my project so im going paycheck to paycheck to purchase beats, studio time,artwork, photoshoots, radio promo etc. I know im very talented and i just want to show the world my talent and feed them some beautiful music. I have a daughter that is 6 so the paycheck to paycheck thing isnt as easy as it was when i was 18. I've been writing my first ablum and i have some creative material that i know will blow minds away its all about having the financial support/freedom to market and promote myself as an artist. So im here begging and pleading for the oppurtunity to make a change. I've worked with the boys and girls club a volunteer to help young kids and teens that are into music or creative writing pursue their dreams. I've wrote music for both established artist and young teens that want to become stars. I believe the best way to prove to others that dreams come true is acheive yours so thats what I'm trying to do!! I'm blessed to say that at the age of 26 I no longer use profanity in my music, I no longer degrade others, I know longer talk about the basics (sex, money, drugs) I've become a positive artist speaking on my real life situations that mean and you face, I'm very motivational and my dream is to be the idol that Michael Jackson was touch as many lvies as he with his work influence as many children as possible the youth is my focus and I wanna be the rapper they can listen to and their parents or grandparents want be like "turn that off" or "thats too much". I dont need my cd to say Parental Advisory or Explicit Content because I will not be providing either of those.