Dragon Egg Inn

Author: Epiphany Yates
Credits: Epiphany Yates

Epiphany Yates & Jeruviel Stardust together head the party in the quest to raise Dragon Egg Inn. They began and continue as eternal and intergalactic beings who presently find themselves on earth and with a growing family that offers ever more potential to their creative interventions. They are both deeply interested in and committed to holistic and sustainable lifeways lightyears beyond the present status quo and have arrived here as beings with a sacred mission strongly rooted in ancient futures.

Epiphany Yates is a spontaneity artist, truth seeker, and portal guardian. Some of her focuses are Black Whole, creative cosplay, drawing, fashion design, modeling, makeup artistry, face painting, music, painting, sharing healthy navigational tools for life through youth work, and videography. 

Jeruviel Stardust is an intergalactic knowledge systems architect, engineer, and builder as well as a cultivator, collector and distributor of rare and renown cosmic fruit species. Jeruviel's present terran focuses include alternate and augmented reality game design, tabletop game design, gameful curriculum design, digital design, web design, sci-fi/visionary finction, writing (all forms).

Together their mission through Intergalactic Multiversity for Magic & Wonder is to create and maintain a place of family learning, hospitality, play, refuge & regeneration as Dragon Egg Inn. As they venture their way to the hearth they continue to meet and connect with multitude other fantastic and magical beings, artifacts, and organizations that share the same mission and thus add to the relations & sources and the earthly portals of IMMW - Earth.