Leah Devora

Author: Leah Devora

Through out the Los Angeles neighborhoods shopping carts appear, disappear and reappear. They are an indigenous part of the LA landscape. The shopping cart is ubiquitous; a motif of the city. From Beverly Hills to Silverlake, they are scattered on front lawns, hanging out in groups, taking a rest on the front yard or even waiting for a bus. LA Landscapes are paintings that are the personification of these t motifs

Having grown up in the South and living as an adult in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles, the urban landscape has been a central part of my life. Every city owns it's own personality and aesthetic. The lush green hills and red clay dirt of Atlanta inspired my earthy connections to the landscape, while the raw, gritty and rather honest landscape of New York inspired my moody and weighty artwork. Chicago spawned a dark, turbulent and expressionistic environmentally influenced body of work, while San Francisco nurtured a very thoughtful and conceptually based landscape.

During my short time in Los Angeles, I have been fascinated yet repelled by the urban sprawl. There is an ironic darkness about the city, despite the constant, searing and often intense sunlight. It is also the only city I've ever lived in that has attached itself to the utilitarian nature of the shopping cart. So much so that they have become an integral part of the landscape, often blending in with nature, almost a forgettable and acceptable part of the environment. Representing the extreme and vulgar consumerism that is a pervasive part of the culture. The cart even majestically appears in hallways and front lawns, lying on the grass, waiting on a corner for a bus or parked on the side of the road arbitrarily. For days on end these shopping carts will take their place on the earth and sit undisturbed.

Los Angeles is a dichotomy of sorts. It can be beautiful and repulsive all in one glance. These images are photographs I have taken over a period of 4 months. They are digitally painted as well as painted by hand with oils, fusing old technique with modern technology. They are the beginning of my quest for understanding of the LA landscape