Laura Margulies

NYFA Artist Fellowship
Author: Laura Margulies

Laura began animating in 1988 as a means to combine her love of dance and painting.  Animation has continued to satisfy this desire for Laura, who has spent over twenty years exploring paint in motion. Laura hand animates using oil paints and watercolors to create lush moving images. Her personal films have been screened worldwide in film festivals (Sundance, Ann Arbor, Margaret Mead, Anima Munde, Asifa, New York Children's Film Festival, Cardiff International Film Festival, Hawaii International Film Festival etc) and her commissioned work has aired nationwide on television (PBS, CBS, MTV, VH1, Sundance Channel etc.). She has received awards from Cinedance Film Festival, Broadcast Design, Asifa East, Ann Arbor, and Creativity Magazine. Laura has also won grants from New York University, the New York Foundation for the Arts, Dance Films Association, The PEW Charitable Funds as well as a  fellowship at UCLA. Besides creating her own films, Laura has worked as a designer and colorist at MTV Animation on the cult classics "The Head", "Beavis and Butthead" and "Daria" and as a freelance illustrator, mural painter and artist. Laura has taught animation at Pratt, New York Film Academy, School of Visual Arts and was a full time faculty at New York University where she taught for thirteen years before returning to Hawaii in 2008.


Awards & Recognitions

  • First Prize, Cinedanse Film Festival, 2005
  • NYU Film School Adjunct Development Fund Grant, 2005
  • Production Grant, Dance Films Association, 1998
  • NIPAD (National Initialtive to Preserve American Dance funded by the Pew Charitable Funds) Production Grant, 1998
  • NIPAD fellowship at UCLA, 1998
  • New York Foundation for the Arts Grant, 1997
  • Creativity Magazine, Certificate of Distinction, 1995
  • Broadcast Design Award, 1995
  • ASIFA East, First Prize, 1994
  • Ann Arbor Film Festival, Best Animated Film