Langford Barksdale

Author: Langford
Credits: Langford Barksdale

Growing up in the south, I was inspired to voice my perspective through media on canvas. An avid writer in journals and collage style medium gave me an outlet and creative horizon to form my identity and translation of my experience.

Encouraged by Rosemary Paschall, an art teacher from South Africa, I painted extremely large canvases in the hallways during my high school art classes. This led me to RISD for a summer pre-college course where I created large scale oil canvases of local street scenes embedded with themes involving childhood and the evils that lurk. I was recruited by Cooper Union for undergraduate scholarship and studies; however, I was persuaded by my parents to remain in the south. I went to the University of Georgia and studied under Jim Herbert, a film maker for the band REM. I continued to paint large expressive canvases and found inspiration from pain and difficulties in the social scenarios. I departed for Europe to study in Cortona during my undergraduate studies and landed in Switzerland two years after graduating with a BFA in painting. Theology and spiritual concerns became my focus and I was greatly influenced by the European artists and culture.

I have held two residencies at the Mendocino Art Center in Northern California and have taught children for over ten years at a variety of art facilities including the Anderson Ranch, Aspen Art Museum, and Cheekwood.

Currently, I have been creating works in the mountains of Colorado where I have found inspiration in the gracious landscape and am constantly stirred by an amazing revelation of God's handprint. One thing I do know as life has become an unpredictable journey, I have always been an artist, wherever I am, I am always painting.